Managing Email Preferences

Your profile in our membership system controls what email you receive from us and what addresses we use for you.

To change your email preferences:

  • Login to your membership account at
  • Find the person you wish to edit, and click the pencil icon in the corner of his/her profile box
  • In the person’s profile, add or change the email address as well and check the boxes for the mailing lists you wish the person to be part of:

Note that if you change your email address, you will need to use this new address to log on to our membership system.

Special Note for Swim/Dive Parents

If you change your email address in our membership system as described above, it will change how you log on to our membership system and where club, swim team, and dive team communications are sent. It will NOT change your SwimTopia login ID (the one you use to log in at for meet entries, volunteering, etc). This can only be changed by contacting the CG SwimTopia admins at