COVID-19 Rules

We are so excited to be opening the pool this summer! During these difficult times, we understand that comfort levels regarding social distancing may vary from household to household. In order to ensure everyone’s health and safety, we must adhere to the rules listed below, the requirements outlined in the opening letter sent to all members, and those put forth by the Maryland and Montgomery County Health Departments. Please understand that these are not suggestions, but necessary protocols to ensure the pool stays open for the season. Thank you for your cooperation!

Entering the pool

* No one will be allowed to enter the facility (except those 2yrs. and younger) without a mask.

* Advance reservations are required.

* Dropins WILL NOT be permitted.

* Members must check in at the front desk using your fob or your last name. This will be our contact tracing method.

* No guests will be permitted at this time.

Seating areas

* Each family will choose an area to sit in that has been set-up by the lifeguards to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements from the county health department. YOU MAY NOT MOVE THE FURNITURE.

* People from different households MAY NOT sit together, regardless of contact outside the pool.

* Parents are responsible for monitoring their children and ensuring they are adhering to social distancing rules.

General rules

* Masks must be worn at all times unless you are in your designated seating area or in the water.

* Toys will not be allowed in the pool.

* The baby pool is closed until further guidance from the county health department.

* Children who are not potty trained ARE NOT allowed in the main pool.

* There will not be a lost and found area this year. Lifeguards will dispose of any items left behind between each reservation block.

* The playground is closed at this time.

* Members will not be allowed to congregate in the office or bathrooms. 

Inability to follow the guidelines

* All members must follow the rules and guidelines.

* The Country Glen pool operator has the right to enforce all rules and guidelines.

* If a member or family is unable to follow the rules and guidelines, they will be asked to leave by the head lifeguard and/or a member of the board.

* No child under 12 will be permitted to enter the facility without an adult or sibling who is at least 12.

* Unaccompanied minors who fail to comply with the rules will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to return without an adult chaperone.