All About Reservations & Points

Because of COVID-19, we have changed our operating model to be reservation based. This allows us to effectively control pool occupancy, while ensuring fair access for all our members. The information explains how this system works.

Where to Make A Reservation

Make a reservation on our membership site at – select the Reservations / Pool Access option from the menu at the top.

Points and Reservation Slots

Members receive a points allocation each week. At opening, this was 40 points, and as of July 9th we are moving to 80 points / week. Points don’t rollover – use them or lose them. Points cannot be shared or pooled between members, even in the same household. Our week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Your points allow you to make reservations. We have divided our day into 2 hour slots: 11am – 1pm, 1:30pm – 3:30pm, 4:00pm – 6:00pm, and 6:30pm – 8:45pm. The 30 minute gaps provide the pool staff time to clean and disinfect the facility and furniture.

Each slot costs a certain number of points. Right now, weekday slots are 10 points, except for the last two slots on Friday which are 20 points. Weekend slots are 20 points, with the exception of 6:30pm on Sunday which is 10 pts. The purpose of this is to encourage attendance at times that have been traditionally less popular – that allows us to make the best use of our limited capacity.

We have capacity limits on our reservation slots. We are currently operating almost all at a cap of 100 people, which appears to be a good balance between providing lots of opportunity for people to attend while limiting congestion. We have 5 slots / week (Mon, Wed, Fri at 11:00am, and Tue, Thurs at 6:30pm) where we limit attendance to 50 people. While these slots are open to all, they are intended to be used by our older members, those with health conditions or others who have concerns about attending at more crowded times.

Other Rules

A few more rules on reservations and slots:

  • To reserve, you must not have an outstanding balance
  • Any member may only have one reservation / day
  • You can make a reservation for a slot anytime right up to the end of that slot (provided space is available)
  • While for the first week, we had a “rolling” release of new slots, we are changing this for reservations from July 6 onward. We release slots for the entire week on the preceding Friday at 5:00pm.
  • Reservations can be changed or cancelled, subject to a number of conditions. However, you cannot make changes or delete a reservation in the two hours prior to the start of the slot. If you are modifying your reservation, you can add or delete family members, but of course you can’t add people if the slot is already full.

A few “DON’TS”:

  • Drop ins are not permitted. Please don’t show up at the pool and expect just to get in, even if there is space. Reserve in advance of coming.
  • The names on the reservation must match who is coming to the pool. The staff will only admit those named on the reservation. We have provided sufficient flexibility for everyone to enjoy the facility numerous times per week within the constraints we have.


Sometime things go horribly wrong… If you need help with the reservation system or something doesn’t look right, email us at

Final Thoughts

As you probably have noticed, we are adapting this system as we go, and will likely make further changes. If you have suggestions, we are more than happy to hear them – the best ideas have come from our members. Email us at